CPA August Sitting 2019


I happened to be part of the students that pioneered and benefited from the first August sitting in 2016. One of the reasons I was able to finish the course in time was because of this. ICPAU first set up this sitting at the time it was transitioning to the new 2016 Syllabus. As students we thought this was temporally and we were grateful that ICPAU continued with this up to today and may be our prayer now should be for the #March Sitting if at all it ever comes when you are still a student.

Some students who have just joined the CPA course usually ask why the August sitting is in place and how they can utilize it. Below I share ways you can use this opportunity strategically.

  1. The August sitting is usually utilized by students to fast-track their journey of CPA. A student will plan at the start of the year to do say 5 papers by August, they study all the 5 from January, plan to concentrate on only 3 for May. Immediately after their May exams, they will then focus on the remaining 2 papers for the August Sitting. During this time, they look out for revision classes that can support polish them for the August exams.
  2. Another category of students are those that start classes in January or join classes late say in March, feel they are not ready to sit for May exams or miss the May registration deadline and postpone the papers for the August Sitting.
  3. Other students are usually the ambitious ones, they finish the May exam this week and next week you will see them embarking on preparations of a new paper for the August sitting. This is dependent on your ability to find an institution that teaches that paper specifically for the June to August period. I would encourage you also to embark on papers you have done before either at the CPA or at your degree level or those that when you look at the syllabus, you trust that you can study and prepare for those specific papers in the shortest time possible.
  4. The last class of students use the August sitting to sit for exams they have failed for in the May exams. Now this is a bit tricky as you can only know if you have failed or passed after the exams have come back. Some students usually foretell how the results will be by how the exam went and try to weigh if it is a pass or a fail. They then choose either to start reading before the exam results come back or after they have come back. After the results have come back, it is obvious that either you have passed or failed. You can at that point choose to redo the paper in August or wait for November sitting to re do the paper. One thing to note here is you have only about one month to re prepare.

Now given the above situations, before attempting to do a paper in August, you have to make sure you have clear strategies to make sure you get value for your money for your classes and exams fees.

If you feel you are not in position to sit for a paper in August, then relax, take break or go for a practical short course like our #Africa Accounting Academy Course we are offering with Haystack a Canadian firm starting on 17th June 2019 or our #Practical Tax training scheduled to start on 15th June 2019

Key points to note.

For those who have been studying and are just now going to do revision, make sure you start in time and don’t wait for July or August to start reading or holding discussion groups.

If you fail the May exam and want to redo it in August, make sure you do something better and different this time so that you can pass the paper in August. If you feel you didn’t understand the concepts, it is better to choose to wait and attend fresh classes for the November sitting.

For those planning to do papers in August, give it your best in the preparation and try out as many past examination paper questions including the ones of May 2019.

The exams are usually around the 20s of August. This is like 2 months and a half. Make sure you if you are to do a paper during this time, you have a plan and ensure you can cover the whole syllabus during this short period.

At Achievers Professional Trainers, we have organized some August Tuition and Revision classes. I will be doing Special revision of Paper 11 –#MDC for some of my students and several other papers on level one and Level two. Feel Free to Join in by this weekend. WhatsApp us on 0#703803255.

On the overall, August sitting is a great opportunity to sit for some papers and may help you finish the course in time if planned well. Go for it!

Otherwise Happy Holidays to everyone and Good Luck as the examiner mark your scripts. If you have benefited from this August Sitting please share yours too in the comment.

Samuel Ibanda, CPA
Finance and Tax Specialist | CPA Tutor | Career Coach