Practical Taxation Training


While there are ample opportunities for both experienced and entry-level accountants in Uganda, the field is constantly evolving. If you want to land a role at your top-choice company and bargain for a good pay, you’ll have to possess the most sought-after accounting skills of which outstanding knowledge of the local tax is one of those top on the list. You will agree with me that most Job adverts for accountant/ finance jobs if not all will have knowledge of Uganda Tax as one of the specifications that candidates should have.

Thanks to ICPAU that we have the Taxation and Advanced taxation papers on the CPA Course as well as CTA Course that helps us to gain this tax knowledge.

Throughout the world, accountants with their technical expertise, professional and ethical training play a key role in assisting clients and employer taxpayers regarding tax obligations. In Uganda, one of the key role for atypical accountant is ensuring the organization or client they are serving is complying with URA through timely filing of returns and payments.

The tax laws often undergo changes and can be complex especially for Uganda each budget for a new financial year comes with several amendments. Accountants need to keep themselves acquainted with these changes to ensure that companies they work for and business that consult them are compliant and are up to date.

To support our students, gain the practical skills on tax, we have organized a holiday program around practical aspects of tax that students can join to utilize this period as they wait for their May/June 2019 sitting exams. #Certificates will be issued to those students that attend all the four modules.

The training will be conducted for in 4 modules, a module of each of the 4 days spread across four weekends on Saturdays. We encourage students to attend all modules or choose from the four modules depending on their skill gap.

The modules have been prepared comprehensively to enable you master the whole process of compliance from taxation planning, filing returns, and a good understanding of the URA online templates.

There are many businesses struggling with tax compliance and completion of this practical training will not only position you for job opportunities but you could land yourself part-time tax consultancy for several small businesses that could add on your income.

The Facilitator is CPA Romulus Karuhanga a tax consultant with over 10 years’ experience in supporting businesses to be compliant with the tax regulation. He works with URA under the domestic tax department.

To register, WhatsApp Achievers Professional Trainers on #0703803255 or Call #0783682222. Few Slots available. Don’t miss this Life time opportunity.

This is a hands-on training so we encourage our students who have laptops to carry them.

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